Lord have mercy

Image taken from St. Joseph School for boys (used w/o permission but will be removed upon request) Please visit their site to ORDER.

There are so many things I’m loving about the Orthodox Church. One of them is the Jesus prayer. ‘Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of, God- have mercy on me a sinner.’. The bible tells us to pray without ceasing. How are we to do that and still walk around interacting with other people without looking insane? Are we to pray the Lord’s prayer? Are we asking for healing, prosperity, favor, abundance, or something else? Are we to praise Him? What? Well, all of the above and more. But, how do you squeeze it all in as you go about your business when it’s not a specified time for being quiet before God and in intensive prayer? Here is more on The Jesus prayer from an article I read. LINK

Some contemporary leaders are teaching once saved, you’ll never sin again and if you do, you were really never saved to begin with… this even applies to using cuss words. If this were true I’d be saved, and unsaved, several times PER DAY. I love how the orthodox church recognizes that we are all a work  in progress. That; I’m in the process of being saved. I do not go out of my way to mess up but I’m still hmmm how shall I put this… baking? It’s nice to know that just as we are patient with the children around us, God is patient with us, HIS children. ‘Lord, Jesus Christ Son of God, have mercy on me.’. There is quite a bit of talk in the orthodox church about mercy. Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy- is chanted seemingly constantly. At least in every service I have been to so far. The Lord’s mercies are new each day. Do you ask for His new mercies? Do you ever ask for mercy? HAVE you ever asked for mercy? If you are being taught, wrongly, by contemporary leaders that you no longer sin once you are saved, then why would you need a fresh, hot batch of mercy from the Lord each day? Lord have mercy.

Perhaps you think those new, daily mercies are for ‘other people’. I see this error all too often as well. People walking around thinking that the sinners being mentioned in the bible are other people and not them. Lord have mercy.

I started using my prayer rope about a year or so ago. I was experiencing some not-so-good things in my life and it calmed me. Before I have to go meet with people for business, etc., I sit in my car and recite the Jesus prayer while touching the knots on the rope. Lord have mercy… on ME… a SINNER. It’s calming. Quieting. It brings peace. Peace is merciful.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God have mercy on me a sinner.


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