God willing, and I can stay awake that late, I’ll be starting catechism soon. I don’t know how long it will take or if I’ll even want to join the church after taking the classes, but I figured I’d better get going on classes before it starts getting dark at 4 and snowing. I don’t know. I just don’t know. The Mary worship bothers me. Also, the bible says not to call anyone ‘Father’ and yet that’s exactly what the priests are called. Growing up protestant and hearing these things are evil… it’s not easy to let these conditioned thoughts go. However, I’ve been to many churches in my quest for… what? If not perfection then at least the church that comes closest to the truth. In my quest, I’ve seen a deal of error on behalf of the leadership in every church I’ve visited. However, so far the orthodox Christian church is showing itself to be the forerunner in theological truth despite my concerns of the icons and Mary worship. In protestant churches, we are taught that Mary is nothing. She carried Christ in her womb and as soon as she gave birth to him, her story ended. Yes, this is wrong, but there is a great deal of enmity toward women in churches. Because Christ is the king, the Son of God, the one to perform miracles, why DO Catholics and Orthodox Christians worship her or call upon her for anything? God gave us Holy Spirit on Pentecost so we can do everything Christ did and more, but once you’re dead, that’s it. Why does this not apply to Mary? I am concerned about Mary worship because of the spirit of the Queen of heaven. When Christianity began to impact people’s worship of pagan deities, the spirit that benefited from the worship of Diana was replaced by Mary as the  new female deity being worshiped in the church. See why I’m concerned? Pagans worshiped Diana, the church took that female deity away but then gave them Mary to worship. Nearly every world religion has some sort of female deity that is worshiped. No matter what she is called by the faithful of that religion, it all boils down to the Queen of Heaven. When Jesus was on the cross, women tried to exalt, Mary by calling her blessed for having given birth to the Christ. He stopped them and reminded them that the word of God was better than, Mary. This is not the only ‘nod’ to paganism in The Church. All of our Christian holidays are based in paganism, but by going to the orthodox church, am I replacing one inconsistency with another?

Despite my concerns, there is a theological truth in the orthodox church I have not found in any other modern church AND, many modern churches are actively engaging in witchcraft. Whether or not it is intentional remains to be seen.

This is where I am right now. A spiritual wanderer. I am tired of half baked theology from modern churches, but I do not want to become mired in orthodox errors either. UPDATE


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