Ancient cave churches

The bible tells us that the early Christians worshiped in caves and people’s houses.  The following images have been taken from varies sites on the Internet and are of early christian churches… cave churches. The drawing was done in 1651.

I follow the daily scripture readings on the website; Orthodox Church in America.  This site talks about who is being honored with feasts, who the martyrs were, and what scripture are to be read for the day. today, I am learning about the ancient cave churches of the early church. It’s part of my immersion process to follow the daily events of the church as if I were a member. Growing up, little to no emphasis was placed on the early church or her martyrs. We knew from scripture that the early churches were in caves and in people’s homes, but it was never recognized as it is in the Orthodox Church. In modern churches, the past is left in the past as people try to reinvent the wheel, as-it-were.

In the Orthodox Church, the past is remembered. What people did for Christ is celebrated. I’m learning the details of the threads that have helped to weave the rich, historic tapestry that is Christianity. It’s amazing. Lord have mercy.


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