One Orthodox book per month

One. It’s not much but it can seem like an avalanche of reading if you have a typical American schedule. We over book ourselves to the point where we just do not have the time to read. Perhaps this year some small changes can be made to enable you to read more? One less meeting. One less activity for your children. One less thing demanding your time which prevents you from reading and advancing your knowledge and understanding.

I had planned to start off the year reading: The Gurus, the Young Man, and Elder Paisios. A book about a man who dangerously dips his toes into other, pagan religions and practices before discovering, at the feet of the Elder Paisios, what it was that he had been looking for all along.

Instead, my first book of the year shall be: Community of Grace by Mary Alice Cook. It was on the ‘free’ table at church and I snatched it up. Free books, GOOD free books, are nothing to sneeze at. This book is about an Orthodox community built in Alaska. Not a monastic community. A community of believers who wished to live near one another, and the church, in order to better fulfill the tenets of the bible to, ‘love one another’.

I hope you too will read as much as possible this year. Slow down, take a breath, sit in a comfy chair and just, read…

Lord have mercy.


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