Where are the Easter/Pascha movies?

Orthodox Pascha Icons - St Joseph School for Boys Bookstore

Except for the usual movies about the life of Christ, there are no Easter movies like there are Christmas movies. During Christmas, you can be treated to a plethora of love story type Christmas movies, or Christmas movies about a pastor reigniting his faith through putting others before himself, but there are no such Easter/Pascha movies.

I’d love to see an Easter/Pascha movie where; boy meets girl, girl refuses to have anything to do with him until he begins attending church with her at her Orthodox Christian Church. Boy realizes the love of Christ is what has been missing from his life, dumps girl and becomes a monk. Ok, not really. He doesn’t dump her but he does decide to become Orthodox. The only movie I’ve ever seen like that is, My Big, Fat Greek Wedding.

I did try and look for Easter movies to watch during Lent. I ran across an article where the author listed his personal top 10 favorite movies to watch during Lent. Some were too boring to endure while others had glaring errors in interpretation of scripture. I had to stop watching, The Greatest Story Ever Told when John looks at, Jesus and ask him who He is… really? Uh, duh… that’s your cousin! You grew up with him and his presence within His mother woke you in your mother’s womb. Terrible story telling and too many continuity issues.

I would love to see some movies about Easter/Pascha that do not have stories about bunnies and flower fairies saving the day. A story or two about, Jesus and how what He did for us changed our lives would be great. A story set in modern times… not an autobiographical story. We have plenty of those. A story just like the kind you see popping up during the Christmas season.


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